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Water Week Posters

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Water Week Posters

14th August 2015

We are learning about Water Week and we are making posters. They have to be big so that we can see them from far away. Mine has a girl drinking some water and I am drawing around the lines of the letters to make them block letters. I’m going to draw some plants too. When I am finished drawing I will colour it in with paint.


 I am learning about water and the water is in the sea and the waves are going to run the electricity. There are going to be 3 pipes that go into the water and the blades suck up the water to help make electricity. It’s going to be a colourful poster when I am finished.


Photographer – Jakobi


Water Week Posters – 1/2TJ

13th August

Today we are making a poster for Water Week. I wrote Water Week and I am drawing a garden and a cloud that is raining. We are using watercolour paint to paint our pictures. We need to make sure we hold our brush down the end like a pencil so it stays in the lines and doesn’t go flip flop. I thought Jessi and Regan were doing a good job of their posters today.

Reporter – Scarlett

Photographer – Brodie

 The plane goes on a water runway and the cars and the trucks drive on water. He’s drinking out of a big water straw. There’s a river and a plane and I drew lines to show the plane is going really, really fast.

William (focus)

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