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12th August – From the Art Room

on August 12, 2015

I’m looking at different ways to get all the information up here. I know that it can get a bit repetitive with grades doing the same activities for each level. So i’m after some feedback. How would you like to see it? A daily post? weekly? different artist reviews? lesson plans? let me know what you would like to see and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂


Using charcoal and black paint.  – 12th August 2015

Today in art we started drawing and painting on our trees. Some people had thick trees some had thin trees. We are doing an artwork, which is called Winter Trees. Last week we played round with charcoal then started our artwork. We drew a circle, which represented our moon then coloured in our background by smudging charcoal. Today was our last day on our piece of artwork. It was very fun, making this piece of artwork. Lots of people have finished their artwork today.


By Zafirah and Mia

Photographer – Jed


thumb_IMG_0641_1024 thumb_IMG_0640_1024 thumb_IMG_0638_1024 thumb_IMG_0637_1024 thumb_IMG_0636_1024 thumb_IMG_0632_1024



Water Week Posters – 1/2AC 

12th August 2015

Today everybody’s pictures looked beautiful using the watercolours. Everything seems to be going well so far. Everybody is doing a good job. Lots of people are blue because we are doing water posters and the blue is for the water. Some people have drawn water places where they have a funnel to collect water and some people have drawn mountains and drops of rain.

I learnt that water is very, very, important. I also learnt we use colours to make our artworks look good. You have to choose the right size brush for your painting so you don’ t go out of the lines. If you keep painting in the same place and see bits of paper in your painting it’s a warning to stop or you will get a big hole in your work.

Reporter – Sarah

Photographer – Rishi

thumb_IMG_0622_1024 thumb_IMG_0621_1024 thumb_IMG_0615_1024 thumb_IMG_0612_1024

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