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In art the grade 5/6’s have been making tessellations. It was exciting when we started to make them… but also very hard because when we got the square we didn’t know what it was for! In the process of making these, we had to work very carefully. The drawing and cutting out was the hardest. The easiest was at the start where we got to make the actual thing, we wrote part then turned it into trap. At the end they look AMAZING!! All of the colours combined look brilliant.

 -Written By: Abbie Bligh

-Photographer: Amelia Greene

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How to make tessellations

  1. cut out a square 7cm x 7cm
  2. write PART one letter in each corner (P top L, A top R, R bottom L and T bottom R)
  3. draw a simple line from left to right across the square
  4. draw a bit more of a spiky or curvy line top to bottom of the square
  5. cut out the lines you have drawn.
  6. Arrange the 4 pieces so when put together the letters spell TRAP and sticky tape to make your template.
  7. Trace around your template 16 times using 2, 3 or 4 different colours
  8. Cut carefully around all of your traced shapes.
  9. Arrange on a white piece of paper

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5th – 11th August catch up

First of all thanks to all of our fantastic reporters and photographers who have prepared the following blog posts. I apologise to you all for being a bit slow getting some of them up. We are back online though so that is a bonus. Please keep an eye on the page to see who will be contributing to the blog. The aim is for all of our students to have an opportunity to share their learning.

thanks for reading

Miss Sharp

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3/4FP Monochromatic Trees

5th August 2015

In the 3/4 area we have been shading backgrounds of paper and putting a moon in, because we are going to put a tree in and try to shade it with charcoal. A great example was Miss Sharp’s which looked like it was from a scary movie with the moon shining behind the tree. Other people have been going for a less scary look. I’m going to try and make mine look scary. It’s kind of funny how the colour choices and shading can make it look scary. If it had a blue background and green tree it would look awesome but it wouldn’t look scary. This is our first time this year using charcoal. Charcoal is fun, smudgy and puts together effective artworks.

Lachie 3/4FP

Photographer Darcy

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1/2H – Watercolour Posters

11th August 2015

I’m doing a painting of a place that sells scary things. I chose to do a free painting today. Everyone is making Water Week posters. We are using watercolours. I like painting because it’s fun. I’m good at it. I like to paint pictures on paper, especially motorbikes. They are my favourite thing to do. I am looking forward to doing clay this year in Art. The best thing about art is painting.

Reporter – Callum

Photographer – Tequijuan

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Winter Trees – 3/4B (monochromatic)

11th August 2015

I drew a cactus on my paper today because I like the green and the spikes on the cactus because its inspiring to me, it just make me feel great about myself. When I was painting I had to just get the spikes right and get the sticks that are poking out of the tree. I had to use black paint and used my skills painting small lines. It was fun painting until the end because I was finished and didn’t have to paint any more. I’m pretty good at painting. I saw Summer, Rhiarna, Tori, Khloe and Bella doing a great job on theirs too.

Reporter – Sonny

Photographer – Jenae


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