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Winter Trees

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We are creating winter trees. They look a bit scary. They look like the sort you see when you wake up at night the shadows you see though the window that scratch at the window like they’re going to get you.

We thought about trees I worked out that you can make a tree shape with your hands.

We are using charcoal to make the background it is very messy. Jaime’s tree looked like a very good tree because the branches weren’t straight and they were wiggly. The moon was behind the tree and it looked really good.

I learnt that you have to be very careful not to wreck your tree. If you do it without using a greylead you might have to do it again.

Sativah 3/4B

Photographer – Arie


3/4FP Winter Trees

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In the 3/4 area we have been shading backgrounds of paper and putting a moon in, because we are going to put a tree in and try to shade it with charcoal. A great example was Miss Sharp’s which looked like it was from a scary movie with the moon shining behind the tree. Other people have been going for a less scary look. I’m going to try and make mine look scary. It’s kind of funny how the colour choices and shading can make it look scary. If it had a blue background and green tree it would look awesome but it wouldn’t look scary. This is our first time this year using charcoal. Charcoal is fun, smudgy and puts together effective artworks.

Lachie 3/4FP

Photographer Darcy

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