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PREP ART – Water Week Posters

on August 6, 2015

thumb_IMG_0535_1024 thumb_IMG_0536_1024 thumb_IMG_0537_1024

Reporter – Cayden

Focus – Cokey

Photographer – Lachie

I was reporting on the grade in Art. I asked them some questions. I asked Tilly if she could do her outside a little bit wider. I said to Miami she could draw a net in flowers and a little circle. Banjo was doing a kind of heater in his drawing it was in his plants. The class were doing water pictures about why water is important. We found out lots of things need water to stay healthy and survive. We made posters for Water Week. – Cayden

 My picture was about the beach in Portland and I put the sun and a seal and a seagull and I did the sea and sky and the grey road where they park. I am proud of my sun because I stayed in the lines. – Cokey.

thumb_IMG_0539_1024 thumb_IMG_0533_1024


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