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I have learnt that when it’s water week everyone can use water and they’re supposed to use water for most of the day and we have to do posters about it. Water makes us survive and it helps us live. Water week is helping us look after our water. In Art we the skills we used were drawing, colouring in, painting. I learnt that we have to try and stay in the lines for our poster. A good poster is nice and neat and shows people what’s happening. I drew a shark, some people, a garden and the sun.

 Focus – Ethan

We’ve been doing posters for Water Week. We can use sponges to put paint down the page. My poster had a girl drinking water with plants. It’s colourful and I outlined the words and the pictures so people say “I like that I want to have a look at that poster”

I liked Kobe’s poster because it had lots of details in the picture.

Photographer – Kobe

Reporter – Hayle

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I am learning to use a pastel to colour in big sections on my work. I am making a person drinking water and the rain came and then there was a big flower coming and then the rain went away. Water is important because it’s good for your heart and it gives you energy and keeps you alive. Its good for flowers. Put bright colours and words so people know what its about and want to look at it. It gives you information.

Focus- Delta


People are working on their water week posters and they are doing a very good job of it. Lots of people are concentrating on their work. They are using bright colours and putting good information on their posters. I like Xavier’s poster because he is using a lot of bright colours.

 Reporter – Krystos

Photographer – Rhiannon (who really loves taking photos )

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Prep Paper Sculptures

Preps had a lot of fun making these paper sculptures. They explored and learnt how to do a few different paper techniques, including, fan folding, curling and fringing. Some of them had an idea in mind about what their sculpture was and others enjoyed just making it. The look fantastic and very colourful.

thumb_IMG_4748_1024 thumb_IMG_4747_1024 thumb_IMG_4746_1024


thumb_IMG_0265_1024 thumb_IMG_0261_1024

We worked on making the title and the pictures in her artwork stand out, by using texta to outline. It’s very colourful and uses the whole page so her aim is now to make sure we can see the details in her poster. Sarah also experimented with pastels to go over some of her coloured sections and add a bit more detail and shape to her design

Focus – Sarah

thumb_IMG_0264_1024 thumb_IMG_0263_1024

I asked Ella about her work and I found out that she was outlining her trees so they could stand out and look nice. I asked her if she was enjoying doing it and she said yes and it was very fun. I watched her do some of her work and it looked like she was doing a good job and I liked it.

I learnt to outline and I learnt to not scribble a lot when making a poster. My poster was about water week and saving water and helping the environment. Some countries don’t even have much water. I drew a big tank and it has parts going everywhere into every town and there is a pump in countries that have dirty water and the pump makes clean water for them. There is a pipe that takes all the dirty water and it goes to a factory where they use it to make clean water that goes back into the pipe so it can be used again.

Reporter – Lily

Photographer – Jack

thumb_IMG_0259_1024 thumb_IMG_0260_1024

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Artwork from 1/2H


I learnt that we need to be creative and make our posters look good. People will want to read them if there is lots of information about what you’re doing on it. They need to stand out and be colourful and bright. The writing needs to be dark and big so people can see it. We did some outlining using texta and oil pastels to make our writing stand out. I put lots and lots of water pictures on my poster. I painted the whole page with water colours.

Reporter – William.

Photographer – Wyatt

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How To Draw a Snowman – Directions by Prep D

These were the instructions I had to follow to demonstrate drawing a snowman with the grades. They basically explained and instructed me the whole way through. This is their words ….(they were very exasperated with me not knowing what to do lol)

  1. you need to do 3 circles a small one, a medium one and a big one. The big one is at the bottom of the page and the other stack up with the small at the top.
  2. Next he needs circle eyes about halfway down the smallest circle.
  3. A carrot nose, that’s a triangle shape.
  4. Do lots of circles for the mouth but not in a straight line needs to curve so he’s smiling.
  5. Stick arms
  6. We had a bit of discussion about whether or not hair or a hat was the best option – solved this one by suggesting students could do whichever they preferred.
  7. 2 circles for buttons in the middle of the medium circle.

After the instructions on drawing the preps did their own snowmen and coloured them using oil pastels ready to put a wash over them next session. Lots of beautiful, unique and colourful snowmen were created.

thumb_IMG_4741_1024 thumb_IMG_4742_1024 thumb_IMG_4743_1024 thumb_IMG_4744_1024 thumb_IMG_4745_1024

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Fun in 1/2TJ

thumb_IMG_0705_1024 thumb_IMG_0686_1024

We worked on lettering and making big bold writing to catch people’s eyes. We also practised our painting skills choosing the best brush, and adding water when our paint got fluffy.

I’ve learnt that we have to use the paintbrushes by holding them up on the end where the paint is. It’s like holding a pencil. I did boats on the water because boats travel on water.

Focus student- Charlie

thumb_IMG_0703_1024 thumb_IMG_0704_1024 thumb_IMG_0695_1024


We have been doing a water fact. I have done a water plane because our posters are about water. I have used lots of colours. I learnt that you need to put your brush in the water so you can get the paint on it and it’s nice and not fluffy. Jacob and Delta have been doing a good job of their work because they are doing their work and not mucking around.


Reporter – Cody


Photographer – Caleb

thumb_IMG_0684_1024 thumb_IMG_0687_1024

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More Fantastic Posters

thumb_IMG_0682_1024 thumb_IMG_0681_1024 thumb_IMG_0679_1024

Ashton’s work was pretty colourful. It was nice. He could have tried to make his colours a little bit darker and added a few more pictures to make it stand out. He made a good brush choice painting with a thin brush so he could do detail.


Ryan is still designing his poster. I reckon it’ll look really cool when it’s painted. He has the title water week and he’s got raindrops and a little bit of a border. It stands out really well.


My poster has a title and it has a car towing a water tank on the baclk of the trailer, which is 300 litres. It goes to homes that don’t have much water and gives them a tank each. When it runs out it gets refilled. I made it colourful so people can see it. It has taps, a road and a house.

Reporter – Patrick

thumb_IMG_0676_1024 thumb_IMG_0677_1024 thumb_IMG_0678_1024





Isobel says that her poster is about water week. She has done lots of colourful things on her poster. There are clouds and a tank to catch water to save it.


Ashton’s was very colourful, he has done very beautiful, different colours.


Mine had a girl drinking water and it was raining to keep her plants alive. I also had written water week and drawn clouds. I learnt that saving water is good and it also keeps animals and people alive. We can help other people learn by sharing our posters where people can see them.


Reporter – Gemma


Photographer – Indi

thumb_IMG_0675_1024 thumb_IMG_0674_1024 thumb_IMG_0673_1024 thumb_IMG_0672_1024 thumb_IMG_0671_1024

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Art Appreciation

3/4H Reflections

It was hard to choose an artwork to share because there were so many we liked

We had lots of different artworks chosen to explore today;

Clare looked at Egyptian cats

Ava chose artwork from the movie How To Train Your Dragon

Matthew and Deakan explored a variety of dragon art

Ella looked at works by teenage artists.

Bella chose artworks drawn in oil pastel

Hayley and Ellouise enjoyed looking at sculptures.

Haylee chose a painted kitten

Jack had fun revisiting Op Art and so did Will, who also looked at Street Art.

Rhylan explored monochromatic artworks


It was a fun session learning how to look at Art and seeing different things in the artworks. We had fun teaching each other about the artworks we had chosen.

by 3/4H


3/4B Reflections

I learnt how to find and ask questions to myself about art, if I liked it? Thought it was weird? Joe


Some paintings you can look out a window and see what’s out there to create, and others you just come up with your own ideas using your imagination. Bella


I learnt that artwork isn’t just colours – Navasha


I chose a Op Art picture because it looked like it was spinning. I liked how it how yellow and black – Rhiarna


I chose a painting of a loveheart and it had lots of colours in it. In the loveheart it had 2 people and a hand inside of it. – Tori.


3/4FP Reflections

I learnt that sometimes what people are feeling are the colours they have painted – Xavier


I thought our artwork was colourful – Jim


You don’t have to like an artwork for it to be good – Crystal

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Water Week Posters

1/2 S

Water Week Posters

14th August 2015

We are learning about Water Week and we are making posters. They have to be big so that we can see them from far away. Mine has a girl drinking some water and I am drawing around the lines of the letters to make them block letters. I’m going to draw some plants too. When I am finished drawing I will colour it in with paint.


 I am learning about water and the water is in the sea and the waves are going to run the electricity. There are going to be 3 pipes that go into the water and the blades suck up the water to help make electricity. It’s going to be a colourful poster when I am finished.


Photographer – Jakobi


Water Week Posters – 1/2TJ

13th August

Today we are making a poster for Water Week. I wrote Water Week and I am drawing a garden and a cloud that is raining. We are using watercolour paint to paint our pictures. We need to make sure we hold our brush down the end like a pencil so it stays in the lines and doesn’t go flip flop. I thought Jessi and Regan were doing a good job of their posters today.

Reporter – Scarlett

Photographer – Brodie

 The plane goes on a water runway and the cars and the trucks drive on water. He’s drinking out of a big water straw. There’s a river and a plane and I drew lines to show the plane is going really, really fast.

William (focus)

thumb_IMG_0648_1024 thumb_IMG_0654_1024 thumb_IMG_0659_1024 thumb_IMG_0660_1024

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