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3/4 Optical Illusions – MC Escher





we really liked looking at art work by MC Escher it was weird but cool. Lots of detail. We are starting to think about more than what we can see… like what’s behind the doors. This artwork looks like it doesn’t have gravity to it.
Another artwork we liked by MC Escher was the hands drawing hands they look real. It’s interesting he does lots of black and white artworks.
We also watched a scene from a movie called Labyrinth where they were inspired by the impossible stairs artwork and some of us saw it in Night At the Museum 3. It was an interesting film clip even if it was old. Some of us have seen it before and really like it.
We’re having lots of fun with Op Art!
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Interviews with Grade 5/6S

Hi its reporter Matilda here with two exclusive interviews from two 5/6 students in the middle of their cardboard name sculptures here’s my first interview with Zane.

How is your project going?


How much more do you have to do?

A little more. I have to cut and color some cardboard knobs

Is it fun and do you like the project?

It’s pretty fun I like the idea


I hope you liked that now onto our second interview with Louise.


How is your work going?


How much more do you have to do?

A bit more I have to put some more paper on the sides.

Is it fun and do you like the idea?

I like it its fun.


So there you have it folks. Photos by Kiara (to follow)

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