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1/2C Art Reflections

on April 22, 2015

IMG_0127 checking out the art books when we have finished is an interesting activity.

This term in art we have been making bookmarks for the school’s anniversary because it is turning 150. We have enjoyed doing bookmarks this term. Maxi


This year in term 2 we have been making bookmarks and if you finished early we got to play an art game. You had to pick up a card and if it was a 1 you would have to find another 1 to match then you got another turn. Whoever got the most pairs will win the game and get to go first next time. Phoebe

IMG_0138 IMG_0128 IMG_0124

We think art is fun. We do lots of creative stuff. My favourite activity has been making the bookmarks. Miah


We think art is best because we have art every Wednesday. I like playing games in Art. Miley


Today we came to art and Miss Sharp told us to finish off our bookmarks. It was lots of fun. We have nearly all finished the bookmarks for 2015. We are having a competition with the 1/2s to choose a bookmark for the school’s 150th birthday. Rishi


Today I am at Art and I made a bookmark and played the art game. Some people did some fee drawing. Bella


I like doing the blog in art. I like painting and making snowmen pictures. Miharo

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