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on March 12, 2015


Things we like to do in Art;
Painting – Dakotah, Poppy
Painting different colours – Dante
Learning the Primary colours – Cayden
I love Painting – Miami
I liked painting the butterflies blotters with secondary colours – Banjo
Drawing – Sarona
I liked painting a picture of the beach – Cokey

Today in Art;
I painted a picture of my Mum – Dakotah
I painted butterflies using red, blue, yellow, green and purple – Tilly
I painted my Mum – Lacey
I coloured in with all the rainbow colours and shades – Banjo
I was making a sky that was beautiful and a waterfall and a sunflower and a rainbow and a fairy also. – Sarona
I used all different colours. I used red, blue, green, pink and purple – Hugh
I made the beach – Poppy
I made a flower and a rainbow – Chloe
I drew the main zone in the Batman’s cave – Cayden

IMG_4072 IMG_4071 IMG_4069

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  1. summer.m says:

    The preps Are really good there getting
    so in to every thing love summer

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