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1/2 Primary and Secondary colours

on March 11, 2015

We have been playing a colour game to test our knowledge of Secondary colours. Miss Sharp says two Primary colours and we have to work out what Secondary colour it is. If it’s Purple we put our hands on our head. If it’s Green we stand like a star shape and if it’s Orange we curl up in a ball. Sometimes she tries to trick us. We are getting pretty good at the Colour Game.

I know my Primary Colours – Indi
I had a go at drawing some leaves – Kyle
I liked learning the Secondary colours. – Sarah
I had a go at drawing veins and detail on the leaves – Tristan
We practice our Primary and Secondary colours so we know them really well and we know what colours to mix and what colour it might make – Pat
Primary Colours arer important because you can mix every colour from them – Isobel

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