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3/4B & 3/4FP Sculptures

on March 4, 2015

In art we are doing faces sculptures and we love doing it and some are up to painting and printing. This is so much fun. We got a piece of foam and had to divide into 3 sections. Then we had to choose 3 colours and paint it. After we painted it we started printing circles using texta lids with bright colours. That’s all we’ve done so far. Next week we will start making the faces – eyes, ears, hair, nose and mouth out of colourful paper. When we are finished we will put them on a stick in a pot. All grade 3/4B, 3/4FP and 3/4H are making them.

Jenae & Rhiarna

Photographer – Darnell

3\4 FP have been making Picasso sculptures. I did painting and printing with texta lids and colour painting. I used blue, purple and red on my face. This was my first try at printing. It was fun. I got some good prints with the texta lid in art and it was fun.


Photographer – Seth

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