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Reflecting on Recreating a Masterpiece

on February 27, 2015

Hello my name is Joel this week in art we have been doing photography. We had to get a famous picture or painting and recreate it with tools and specific materials. Baily and I recreated a painting named ‘ The Oarsmen’ painted by Gustave Caillebotte. Here is the painting below. It is based on ‘ The Floor Scrapers. The Europe Bridge Paris, a rainy day ‘

By Joel 5/6K

IMG_3866 IMG_0019


         Feeling: I felt stupid.

         Painting: I did the Mona Lisa.      

         Improvement: clothes.

       Worked with: I worked with Tom and Cody.


Jai’s Feeling: I felt weird.

       Painting: I did a self-portrait of Vincent van go

       Improvement: Background.

       Worked with: Connor and Logan I


Caleb’s: feelings: I felt good.

Painting: Not sure of the name of it.

Improvement: better scene

Worked with: Oscar


Connor’s: feelings: I good, happy and great

Improvement: being there and not absent when we took the photos

Painting: Vincent van go

Worked with: Jai and Logan I



2 Responses to “Reflecting on Recreating a Masterpiece”

  1. Ms Fiscalini's Learning Space says:

    Hey Miss Sharp and Grade 5/6’s.
    I want to be in Grade 5/6 again………I so loved the work you have been doing. I want to do it too! My photo would be Salvador Dali (one of my favourite artists – he is so eccentric I love him) with his cat. Maybe you could organise that for me Miss Sharp. wink.
    Ms Fis

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