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Drawn Selfies aka Our Funky Feet Portraits

on February 24, 2015

IMG_0059 IMG_0060 Makaylah – I drew a picture of my hands spread out and my feet sticking straight up. I coloured my portrait in orange and blue. I’m happy with how I did the dress.

Lilly – I did a drawing of my feet first and then I drew my hands, it was very fun. Then I made a big pattern on my feet. I loved decorating my feet.

Connor W – First I drew my legs, then I drew my arms and then I drew my body and I coloured it all in. I’m really proud of how I drew my head.

Jed – I started drawing my head and then I started drawing my body. After that I coloured it in and I coloured it in black, orange, red and green. I liked that I got to do a self portrait.

Photographers – Wilbur & Connor R

IMG_0070 IMG_0065 IMG_0066

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