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Ararat Show

on October 15, 2014

We are currently preparing for the Ararat Show. So far there are 63 pieces of student work selected to be displayed and a few more to sort out as well. We have a fabulous team of grade 5/6 girls who have been working to prepare the works for display including, writing title cards, mounting the art and painting display boards. We’re very excited to have work entered this year and i’m looking forward to having a look at the display on Sunday 26th October at the Ararat Show.

There will definitely be photos to come after this event so stay tuned 🙂

Thanks to Dallas, Nikita, Amna and Maddi for all your help so far

4 Responses to “Ararat Show”

  1. Nikita says:

    Thanks Miss Sharp for the mention of Maddi, Dallas and I

    Your fav Nikita

  2. Amelia says:

    Hi miss sharp I like the clay pic I can’t what to see you on wensday! Mckenzie said that he liked the pic of the Lucky the artist kitty

  3. Ellouise says:

    Hello miss sharp
    I love the blog hope it goes well I love doing art I love do subjects Maybe on our last lesson can we have a little bit of free time

    Good bye from Ellouise

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