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Our clay creations

on October 13, 2014

IMG_3289 A picture of my clay dog 🙂

On the 13th October I was finishing my artwork I made a dog using clay. I made my clay dog for my brother Seth for his birthday on Monday the 13th October. I had to paint my art work, I mixed some paints together. I made orange, and used shades of yellow, blue and black, then I got some gloss and put it on my artwork. The gloss made the dog look shiny and helped it to be strong because we couldn’t fire the clay in a kiln. I really enjoyed doing my art project with the class and Miss Sharp

Reporter – Crystal 3/4FJ

IMG_3290 IMG_3287

A Note from Miss Sharp

This activity was excellent for finishing off and making the clay look colourful and attractive as well as making it stronger. Unfortunately there were a few breakages but hopefully we can glue them together later when they dry. Next time we might try air drying clay or oven bake clay. It was also a good activity for students to refresh colour mixing skills and try new combinations. The students always enjoy using paint and mixing colours and always seem to discover a new combination, shade or tint they hadn’t found before 🙂


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  1. Holly Mc says:

    Hi Miss Sharp! The clay models look great. I enjoyed making them!!!

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