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Pinch Pots with Grade 1/2

on September 17, 2014

IMG_3140We have been learning about clay and how to model with it. It is one of our favourite activities in art because it is really fun and we can make things that stand up. Some of the reasons we learn to work with clay are

  • we might need to make something in art with it
  • we might be an artist when we get older
  • people in movies use clay to make models
  • it’s good things to know
  • we don’t always use clay so it’s something different we can do.
  • we can use clay skills in our Discoveries (Discovery projects)
  • it helps the muscles in our hands and lets us create details in a different way.
  • we can use our imaginations

When we are using clay we have to remember to have our smocks on and put our hand up if we want to show our work to Miss Sharp so we don’t drop our work or clay pieces on the floor. We also have to make sure we wash our hands in the red bucket so we don’t need to get the plumber out to fix the sink.

This week we made pinch pots with clay. We had to roll the clay into a ball. Then we had to put our thumbs up and say “i’m awesome” and push our thumb into the clay to make a hole. After that we used our fingers to pinch the clay to make a bowl shape. We had to flatten the bottom on the table a bit so it didn’t roll over. Then we decorated the bowl with a skewer and put a pattern on it. They are drying now so we can paint them when we get back from holidays.

After we had made the pinch pots we used the skills we learnt in the challenge last week and got to make our own models. Olaf from Frozen was a very popular choice 🙂

written by grades 1/2T, 1/2S, 1/2AC and 1/2FC

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