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Photo Stories from 3/4

Last term after a trip to China where I created a book about the holiday with a soft toy cat called Jake, the grade 3/4 students set out to create their own photo stories. We have a collection of soft toy animals that live in the art room and they were chosen to be our subjects.

The students set themselves up in small groups and wrote out their stories and planned how that would look in photos, some even did story boards. When they had taken the photos they had the choice of presenting it in a hard copy or as a powerpoint presentation. any props they needed were also created by the students.

It was a really engaging and fun process for the students. We came up with Trust Licenses so that students could take cameras out into the yard and get their stories looking amazing without the teacher there the whole time. I’ve been trying to develop some ways of building ICT into the art curriculum and this worked really well 🙂 Here is an example of one of the presentations. i’ll add some more in the near future.

If you’re reading this thanks for dropping by and leave a comment so we know you’ve been here. The kids love it 🙂



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