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Rousseau Jungle art clip

Hi everyone i hope you are all enjoying our blog. We are doing the Edublogs challenge so as part of one of our challenges we had a go at creating a little film clip / slide show through Animoto and here it is 🙂

Henri Roussea jungle collages


Clay Challenges

An activity that my students really enjoy is our clay challenges. As a new art teacher to the school

I wasn’t sure how much the students have done before and what skills they are competent and confident in. So we do challenges. Each student gets given their piece of clay and are given little challenges to achieve in a set time.

Challenge 1 – in 3 minutes using all or part of the clay create the smoothest, roundest ball you can….

IMG_2963 IMG_2966 IMG_2965

Challenge 2 – create another ball of clay and join to the first so they don’t come apart (i do usually demonstrate joining techniques here, I also like students to put their hands together flat and get a friend to pull them apart to demonstrate how easily clay can pull apart if not joined correctly, repeat this with fingers entwined to show the difference). I usually allow 5mins although start testing joins as soon as they are ready.

Challenge 3 – 5 mins to create the longest snake of clay, but it must not be stuck to the table…

IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2973

Challenge 4 – 2mins to turn your snake into a snail 🙂
Challenge 5 – make the snail into a pot…. (skill development)

Challenge 6 – pinch pot then pack up the clay 🙂

this is a fun session and the students are always super engaged and on task and it’s a great way to ensure they have the skills before going onto a project. you can add or remove challenges to suit different grades too. I sometimes have them build a tall structure, or make a pancake etc.

IMG_2968 IMG_2964

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