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Discovering Crazy Animals

on September 4, 2014

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Today we had discovered some new crazy creatures.  We are brave explorers and scientists with an artistic flair. We have drawn the new animals that we have discovered making sure we coloured them in so they are easily recognized. We named them using Latin to describe what they look like. Here are some of the creatures.

Mono Bicornis Melano erytho




Monocephalus lenco pedibicornis trivolatus bicauda 


bicephalus brunocornus quadrovolaticus bicauda (2 headed brown horned 4 wings and 2 tails)


we got a little excited with the names… some were bigger than the animals 🙂 

The describing words we were given were

  • mono – 1                            
  • bi – 2                                     
  • tri – 3
  • quadro – 4
  • spina – spined
  • pedi – foot
  • cornis – horn
  • cauda – tail
  • volaticus – winged
  • clavus – spike
  • os – mouth
  • lenca – white
  • erytho – red
  • bruno – brown
  • lineatus – lined
  • punctata – dotted

Miss Sharp’s note – this is a really creative activity that ties in really well with spelling and etymological knowledge. The kids had an absolute ball coming up with their creatures and really enjoyed the role-play of being scientists and explorers. They were starting to think about habitats and habits of their creatures so all in all a fabulous cross curricular activity that doesn’t take a lot of setting up and materials.

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