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Starry Night Grade 3/4

on August 25, 2014


Here is a link to a gorgeous interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. We used this as a tuning in activity. (Interactive Starry Night – YouTube) 

Our school has been focusing on using describing starters for creating sentences so we have been using these in the art room too. The sentences can be about colour, shape, size, position, texture, number and doing. some of the examples of simple observations students have made for Starry Night are;

The tower is next to the village (position)IMG_2784

The painting has lots of swirls and lines in it (shape)

The night sky takes up most of the painting (size)

There are seven stars in the picture (number)

The mist is swirling in the wind (doing)

It looks like it is swirly and soft (texture)


In art we have been making Vincent van gogh paintings. In the first two weeks, we have been painting the backgrounds using food dye. It’s different to use than paint it’s much more watery and spreads more quickly than paint. We have to be careful that we don’t go through the page. We used blue, purple, green and yellow and tried to do lots of swirls on our work, we weren’t allowed to leave any white showing on our work. It was fun to try working with something different. 

Reporters – Amy and Caleb

Photographer – Oscar 

2 Responses to “Starry Night Grade 3/4”

  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Amy, Caleb and Oscar,
    What a great post! I had never thought to associate sentence starters in art work. Your teacher found a great video to use to give you help with your paintings.

    • leahsharp says:

      Hi, thanks for the comment about our post (Well I took the photos). And our art teacher is pretty good. We try and link our learning from different areas in art too. we all thought the video was really cool From Oscar.

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