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3/4M has been doing background’s inspired by Vincent Van Gogh starry night. We are having fun using food coloring to do swirl patterns and lines. The colors we used were purple, yellow, green, and blue.it was messy but we had fun.

Reporters Ella F and Caleb

Photographer Jai

IMG_2679 IMG_2663


we have been doing awesome swirly backgrounds by the artist Vincent van gogh they are from the artwork, starry night. The class has been using real food color. We have used the colors green, purple, yellow and blue. Our art works were all covered in food dye if you hadn’t guessed. We all had fun.

By Cody and Leo.J

Photographer Jessica

IMG_2710 IMG_2704 IMG_2701 IMG_2687

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Grade 1/2AC Pop Art fun

We were really excited to see some of the Pop art examples on the computer, especially the modern versions of Michael Jackson and Star Wars. The Coca Cola can was very cool.

We drew pictures we had to draw 4 pictures but we couldn’t do them all different they had to be exactly the same. I did little flowers and Amity did turtles and Ella did flowers.

Next we coloured our pictures in except now we had to make them different by using different colours so they didn’t look the same anymore. Then we cut them out. After we had cut them out we stuck them onto the coloured paper we had painted last week.

I really liked drawing and colouring and drawing my Pop Art today – Amity

I liked colouring the pictures – Ella

My favourite part of Pop Art was colouring and drawing – Naomi.

We learnt that Pop Art used the same picture but different and bright colours. It was usually something popular that they drew.

 Reporters – Naomi, Ella and Amity

IMG_2651 IMG_2654

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