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on August 13, 2014


my name is Jessi and my helper is Aria. we are writing our art report for art today.

We have traced our feet and painted them. Paige is doing love hearts and Tylah is doing crosses. Everyone is doing different patterns. Now we are doing patterned backgrounds.

By Aria

In art we are learning to draw patterns. Aria and I are doing a swirl pattern. Walter, Ethan and Jai are doing smile patterns. Louise & Elly are doing circles.


By Jessi

Reporters – Jessi and Aria

Photographer – Cameron

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  1. Zafirah Davies-Harrison says:

    HI! Its Zaf and i wanna say congrats on your blog it is fantastic! Same as Ms Fisc and Mrs Jerram! Bye have a great day and forever on

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