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Prep Sculpture Fun

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On an already exciting and interesting day, book week character dress up day 🙂 the Prep students from PD were very excited. It’s a joy to look out on all the characters I had in class today including several super heroes, princesses, a doctor, Harry Potter, dinosaurs fairies and many others.

We had just finished working with our buddy groups and were ready for art. We started off by cutting paper into strips some long and some short then we had a go at trying different folds, cuts and ways of attaching the strips to a cardboard base. Some students managed to twirl, curl, twist and fan fold their strips to create very unique sculptures.

Its an interesting process some of the preps find it hard to not make ‘anything in particular’ with many wanting it to be a vehicle, scene or character. Some really enjoyed just letting it evolve and develop in its own way.

I like this activity because it gives students the chance to try out some new skills and allows them to achieve at their own level no matter where they are in their learning.

It was a popular activity the Preps really enjoyed. 🙂



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my name is Jessi and my helper is Aria. we are writing our art report for art today.

We have traced our feet and painted them. Paige is doing love hearts and Tylah is doing crosses. Everyone is doing different patterns. Now we are doing patterned backgrounds.

By Aria

In art we are learning to draw patterns. Aria and I are doing a swirl pattern. Walter, Ethan and Jai are doing smile patterns. Louise & Elly are doing circles.


By Jessi

Reporters – Jessi and Aria

Photographer – Cameron

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