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Reflections from grade 1/2T

on August 4, 2014

After completing our batik cats these are some of the reflections and comments the students had to say

I liked doing the blue food dye over the pastel because I liked the colours – Jessi

I liked colouring my cat in oil pastel it was fun – Sophie

I liked using the food dye and drawing the cats – Scarlett

My picture was green and colourful. I liked painting with food dye– Milly

I finished my cat today – Emily

Today I finished my cat, the hardest thing was colouring it in using oil pastel – Austyn

I liked making the batik cats, the best part was using food dye – Jett

I liked doing the drawing. My cat was a good shape. – Brodie

I liked finishing the cat that I made – Krystos


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