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Prep Printing Art

We introduced the idea of printing today using milk bottle lids as our stamp. It was interesting to hear the definitions that the students had of printing before we started. Most told me how you put a picture into a machine and it comes out the other side the same. A few said you can print from a computer too. It was a good start because we knew that printing means you can copy an image.

The first step for the students was to brush paint onto their lids, they experimented to find that you could get as many as four prints from the one application of paint. As they are working on being their own teacher and visible learners I encourage them to try out ideas and see what works for them.

It was a very successful session printing onto paper plates with 4 colours (red, blue, fluro yellow and black) which will then become clowns next week.

IMG_2788 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2805


Starry Night Grade 3/4


Here is a link to a gorgeous interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. We used this as a tuning in activity. (Interactive Starry Night – YouTube) 

Our school has been focusing on using describing starters for creating sentences so we have been using these in the art room too. The sentences can be about colour, shape, size, position, texture, number and doing. some of the examples of simple observations students have made for Starry Night are;

The tower is next to the village (position)IMG_2784

The painting has lots of swirls and lines in it (shape)

The night sky takes up most of the painting (size)

There are seven stars in the picture (number)

The mist is swirling in the wind (doing)

It looks like it is swirly and soft (texture)


In art we have been making Vincent van gogh paintings. In the first two weeks, we have been painting the backgrounds using food dye. It’s different to use than paint it’s much more watery and spreads more quickly than paint. We have to be careful that we don’t go through the page. We used blue, purple, green and yellow and tried to do lots of swirls on our work, we weren’t allowed to leave any white showing on our work. It was fun to try working with something different. 

Reporters – Amy and Caleb

Photographer – Oscar 



3/4M has been doing background’s inspired by Vincent Van Gogh starry night. We are having fun using food coloring to do swirl patterns and lines. The colors we used were purple, yellow, green, and blue.it was messy but we had fun.

Reporters Ella F and Caleb

Photographer Jai

IMG_2679 IMG_2663


we have been doing awesome swirly backgrounds by the artist Vincent van gogh they are from the artwork, starry night. The class has been using real food color. We have used the colors green, purple, yellow and blue. Our art works were all covered in food dye if you hadn’t guessed. We all had fun.

By Cody and Leo.J

Photographer Jessica

IMG_2710 IMG_2704 IMG_2701 IMG_2687

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Grade 1/2AC Pop Art fun

We were really excited to see some of the Pop art examples on the computer, especially the modern versions of Michael Jackson and Star Wars. The Coca Cola can was very cool.

We drew pictures we had to draw 4 pictures but we couldn’t do them all different they had to be exactly the same. I did little flowers and Amity did turtles and Ella did flowers.

Next we coloured our pictures in except now we had to make them different by using different colours so they didn’t look the same anymore. Then we cut them out. After we had cut them out we stuck them onto the coloured paper we had painted last week.

I really liked drawing and colouring and drawing my Pop Art today – Amity

I liked colouring the pictures – Ella

My favourite part of Pop Art was colouring and drawing – Naomi.

We learnt that Pop Art used the same picture but different and bright colours. It was usually something popular that they drew.

 Reporters – Naomi, Ella and Amity

IMG_2651 IMG_2654

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Pop Art with 1/2T

IMG_2573 IMG_2574

Today we are learning about Pop art.  First we panted four squares. Today we stuck them on the four squares. We had to stick 4 pictures we drew that were the same on the squares.  We coloured the pictures in different colours. When we have finished them we think the will look cool.

Some people did things we find in the art room as their pictures like pencils and scissors some people chose hearts and faces.

Reporters – Jessi, Arie

Photographer – Krystos.


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Prep Sculpture Fun

IMG_2549 IMG_2551

On an already exciting and interesting day, book week character dress up day 🙂 the Prep students from PD were very excited. It’s a joy to look out on all the characters I had in class today including several super heroes, princesses, a doctor, Harry Potter, dinosaurs fairies and many others.

We had just finished working with our buddy groups and were ready for art. We started off by cutting paper into strips some long and some short then we had a go at trying different folds, cuts and ways of attaching the strips to a cardboard base. Some students managed to twirl, curl, twist and fan fold their strips to create very unique sculptures.

Its an interesting process some of the preps find it hard to not make ‘anything in particular’ with many wanting it to be a vehicle, scene or character. Some really enjoyed just letting it evolve and develop in its own way.

I like this activity because it gives students the chance to try out some new skills and allows them to achieve at their own level no matter where they are in their learning.

It was a popular activity the Preps really enjoyed. 🙂



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my name is Jessi and my helper is Aria. we are writing our art report for art today.

We have traced our feet and painted them. Paige is doing love hearts and Tylah is doing crosses. Everyone is doing different patterns. Now we are doing patterned backgrounds.

By Aria

In art we are learning to draw patterns. Aria and I are doing a swirl pattern. Walter, Ethan and Jai are doing smile patterns. Louise & Elly are doing circles.


By Jessi

Reporters – Jessi and Aria

Photographer – Cameron

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I enjoyed drawing pencils for my Pop art. I used brown  and blue, red and orange, yellow and red and green and red. I learnt that Pop art is fun and is a repeated object. We had to draw, colour and then cut out our pictures, next we glued one picture in each of the 4 squares. They all had to be facing the same direction.

Reporter – Olivia

Photographer – Bella  

 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2514

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Finishing Funky Feet 3/4B


Today we were working on finishing our fancy feet pictures in art.  We traced our feet and painted them, using the primary colors and drew patterns in the background. We also had to have at least 20 patterns, but did not have to colour them in. One of Jai’s patterns looked like waves and one of Jess’ ones looked like eyeballs.

Reporters: Jai and Jess

Photographer: Connor

IMG_2469 IMG_2485IMG_2487

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5/6S Henri Rousseau

IMG_2490 IMG_2497

For this session we did our backgrounds. First we drew a horizon line on our A4 paper, 3 cm from the top. Then we painted the sky blue and the ground green. Brianna and Dallas drew a mountain hill horizon line. Next we are going to add paper collage on our backgrounds. Plus Steph was the person who took photos of peoples work. We also looked at some of Henri Rousseau’s jungle artworks, we think he did pretty well considering he’d never actually seen a jungle. We learnt a little bit about him, like he wasn’t just an artist until he was in his 40s. Most of the class liked his artworks because they were colourful and looked a little bit like animation backgrounds.


By Brianna, Dallas and

photographer Stephanie

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