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Do you want to make a snowman?

IMG_4735 IMG_4736

Prep students explored oil pastel and wash techniques to create their own snowmen.


The first step was to draw a snowman, we decided it needed 3 circles each one slightly smaller than the first, starting at the bottom of the page. Next we added a face (complete with carrot nose), arms and maybe some buttons or a bow tie, some had hats too.


After the snowman was drawn we needed to colour it in using oil pastel. We had to press very hard to create a barrier so the wash later wouldn’t cover our snowmen. It was hard work to do this bit.


When our snowman was coloured we put down newspaper and made sure our art smocks were on, then we painted over the whole page with blue food dye. We could see if we missed any colouring. This was the best bit of the project..


So…….. Do you want to build a Snowman?


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As part of the literacy and numeracy week we organized a kite making activity. I worked with 3/4M and 1/2AC to create some beautiful Japanese carp kites. The older students worked with the younger students to decorate tissue paper, create a cane circle for the head, add streamers for tails and glue the sides together.

It was a very successful design with our kites flying beautifully in the windy weather (although it was a little too windy at times)

IMG_2206 IMG_2246

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Fancy Footwork 3/4B

IMG_2227 IMG_2231 IMG_2233

In art 3/4B are making foot paintings. We started by drawing we had to draw with pencils and after we had drawn our feet we had to paint them using blue, red and yellow (the Primary colours) they made green, orange and purple (Secondary colours).

Then we let our paintings dry and when it was dry we got to use fine liner and trace all our feet. We drew patterns in the background.

By Jenae and Matthew


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My cat was pink and lots of colours and I got to finish it today. I liked using the food dye to create a wash on my batik cat.



My cat was sitting. I really liked the idea Miss Sharp had to do batik. I would like to do  it again. It looks like it is black. To do the texture on the background I had to get stretchy net stuff and put it under the paper.



We did batik cats. First we had a pencil and practiced drawing cats. Then we used another paper to draw our cat using chalk pastel. We did the background using blue stretch stuff to rub the texture. We coloured it in using oil pastel, then we painted the sheet with food dye. My cat turned out good J


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Grade 1/2S Batik Cats

IMG_2192         IMG_2193

We have been making cats with food dye and water pastel and oil pastel.  We had to put food dye over the cat to finish it off. We drew the cat with chalk and coloured it in oil pastel.

Drawing cats was pretty hard, I thought it would look better than I drew it. I drew my cat sitting and used heaps of different colurs like black, orange and brown. McKenzie

In art I drew a cat, mine was very hard to draw. I used pink, purple and gold to colour my cat. I think I worked very hard on this activity. Im really happy with how it looks. Marlie

Art is very fun

IMG_2194 IMG_2198 IMG_2200

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Busy Week Recap

Well we have had such a busy week this week we haven’t managed any student updates since monday…. so here’s a bit of an update on what we’ve been doing.

Prep students have started working on their artworks to be displayed at the Production later this term. We took their photos and they have been turning themselves into circus performers through use of collage and colouring. They are looking very cool so far. We have acrobats, jugglers, clowns and even a ringmaster 🙂 You’ll have to wait till after the production to see them on here though… I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Year 1 and 2 students have started exploring simple batik techniques using chalk and oil pastels with cats as our subjects. We chose cats because they have lots of interesting shapes and patterns. We started by drawing a thick outline with chalk, then we coloured it all in with oil pastel making sure we didn’t go over the chalk. The last thing we did was use different surfaces to create texture through rubbings in the background. Next week we will add the food dye to give it the real batik look.

Year 3 and 4 students have been creating funky feet pictures incorporating Primary and Secondary colours and exploring a variety of patterns created using shape and line. they are colourful and fun and just the thing for this wintery, grey weather. We saw some excellent painting techniques this week.

Finally year 5 and 6 students have started on their year of the horse Chinese artworks. The plan for these is when completed, all the canvases will be set up in a line showing all the different horses drawn. The color scheme is red and black. I think it will look very impressive. So far all of the students have practised drawing horses. I’m so proud of them for giving it a go and wow we have some very impressive drawings so far.

To top it off the students have been working hard on props for the production. We had a very productive week with 2 sessions seeing 3 mirrors and a shoe box almost completed from scratch. Well done everyone.

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Year 3/4 Funky Feet

No not smelly funky but awesome funky feet 🙂 The year 3/4s have been exploring Primary and Secondary colours and patterns through overlapping traced feet drawings. It was a bit of a ticklish procedure to trace around our feet, each artwork needed 6 feet 🙂 The students will blog their experiences soon, so look out for some colourful funky feet coming soon.

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Learning Environment

In an ever evolving curriculum it’s sometimes a challenge to fit in all we need to do and have specialist areas, like art, consistent with the rest of the school. I have been doing lots of work on my learning environment and how we keep up with current trends and ideas this year. One of my ideas has been this blog 🙂 getting students to reflect and document some of their learning through ICT. It’s the challenge i’ve set myself this year, to incorporate more ICT into the art curriculum.

Other ways of keeping the art room up to date include having learning intentions, success criteria and expectations clearly visible. I have a board for reflection, and I also have our school’s bounce back values displayed, just like all the classrooms. It makes for a consistent learning environment and keeps clear expectations for students no matter where they are 🙂IMG_4679 IMG_4682 IMG_4684 IMG_4688 IMG_4691

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Year of the horse 5/6H

In term 3 this week we are focusing on drawing Chinese horses. After we practice drawing our horses we are going to paint them on a mini canvas. We are hoping to present them at the town hall on at the arts extravaganza this year. We all are very excited about showing our artwork to every one.

By Kate and Maddy

.IMG_2137 IMG_2140


5/6C’s Zentangling

Over the past Term 5/6C have been working on a very an interesting art topic called Zentangling.

Students have enjoyed the patterns that they come up with.

Zentangling is when you draw an outline and draw patterns.

You can use an outliner to outline the photo so it becomes clear. As a 5/6 group we have came up with over 75 different patterns. We never thought that we would come up with so many patterns but we have came up with a gizillion patterns each.

by Carly and Shaun

IMG_4651  IMG_4657

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