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Degas Exhibition

At the end of Term 3, 43 students and 10 adults made their way to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Degas Exhibition. We left on the bus at 8am and after a bit of a swap around were on our way.

When we arrived we were taken to a media room and got to watch a video on Edgar Degas and his life. Our students were really interested and did a great job answering questions.

Then it was onto the exhibition. Although it was really busy we represented the school well and enjoyed looking at the artworks. One of the favourite was the sculpture of Marie the little ballerina. Other favourites included the Bellini Family portrait and the ballerinas and horses.

We were provided with a yummy lunch and then we headed to the workshop to produce our own artworks inspired by Degas. The students used torn paper to create colourful collages of people in action. There were all sorts of people from swimmers, dancers, basketballers and even a bull rider.

We headed home after a big day. We had a lot of fun and it was such a good experience. A big thanks to the NGV and their patron who provided us the opportunity to attend this wonderful exhibition. We  really enjoyed our day.

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Our Sunset, My World


On the 23rd July our school participated in the Our Sunset, My World exhibition in Federation Square for the Have a Heart for Cambodia project. We had 2 beautiful artworks on display, with another being displayed at school. The efforts and enthusiasm of the students and school community was amazing to be a part of.

The first piece called ‘Patchwork Sunset’ was created with every student in the school doing a panel which was sewn together to form a quilt in the shape of a sunset. The similar theme across the design was that each panel had a sun on it. The designs ranged from something personal from each student to design on culture and history of Cambodia. The completed artwork is amazing and i am looking forward to displaying it in the school now it has returned.

The second artwork was made up of 2 large canvases and was completed by our school community as part of the school fete. We had lots of people contributing to the dot designs to form a world and a sunset. It was great to see so many people involved from younger and older siblings to parents and grandparents, The final result was pretty amazing and was sold at auction at the exhibition.

The final artwork which will be displayed at our school was the brainchild of Xavier and Zack and completed with a small group of students. It featured a child sized manneqin which was painted and completed to look half Australian and half Cambodia school student. It also held in it’s hands 2 paper mache balls of the sun and the earth. A very impressive artwork and the extra sessions at lunch and out of school hours shows through.

thumb_IMG_5537_1024 thumb_IMG_5538_1024

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Preps online

Here is our first online post for Prep S. We had lots of fun working on our texture bugs. Texture is the way that things feel. We watched a funny video with a singing cactus. We have put patterns on our bugs too.

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Term 2

Welcome back or Bienvenue after a lovely trip to Paris for me. Lots of exciting things happening this term (some inspired by my Paris trip)

We are participating in the Hearts for Cambodia art show which will be held at Federation Square in Melbourne on the 23rd July. Our 3-6 students have been busy brainstorming ideas and planning designs on the theme of “Our Sunset, My World’ for our 3 collaborative pieces. Every student in the school will be involved in creating a small panel to form a large artwork for one of the pieces.

The last couple of weeks have seen us also trying to paint like an Impressionist and classes have been fun (and messy) with lots of experimenting with brushstrokes and French accents and words. This was inspired by my visit to Monet’s Garden in Giverny and the students are loving it!!! We will be creating a variety of artworks in the Impressionist style and also looking at artworks by Degas as the winter masterpieces exhibition will soon be at the Nation Gallery of Victoria.

This term will see the Preps completing their Prep Art Books ready to take home. They are currently enjoying learning about texture and creating texture bugs.

I’m looking forward to an another Art filled term.


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Hi Everyone, Thanks for following our learning in Art. We are having some difficulties uploading photos so I am working on this and hopefully it will all be sorted soon. Please check back in soon but in the meantime enjoy reading about our learning this term.

Leah Sharp

Visual Art

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5/6 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today I chose an artwork by Caravaggio. It was of a man getting his head decapitated. I chose it because I thought it was interesting and I like stuff like that. Her servant looked a bit creepy. It was old and dark. It was painted in 1599 – 1610. I found it in a book on Rubens and the Italian Renaissance. I have been working on a selfie, I learnt to do drafts just like we do in writing and then do the real thing. I improved my listening on the floor. I liked being a focus student because I got to sit up the front on a chair. Jack (focus Student)


Today in art jack showed us a hobble artwork that I didn’t like and then everyone started gong off to finish there selfie artworks mines looks awesome and then some of us started working on a art competition. Ariana D


Photographer – Jenae





Today J.W showed us some artwork on his computer. There was one that was a 3d chalk drawing on the ground. Another one which was a lego sculpture. The third one was of two people drawn massively in the sand at a beach.  Today for our first task, we are finishing off our selfies. Then we will be going on to make our I use my brain to posters. Some examples of that is reading, writing and talking.

Reporter- Zafirah D-H


In art I have improved my sketching by drawing more often. Erin gave me feedback, she said “it’s good but maybe you should press a bit harder and shade a bit softer” so that it didn’t end up with lines through it. I did a mustang drawing at home that I’m really happy with because it looks better since I’ve practiced. My selfie looked good I took my time and I tried to make it look like me it sort of does and sort of doesn’t. I chose 3 pictures to share a chalk drawing of a shark that looks 3D, a lego sculpture called ‘The Surgery’ and a sand drawing. I chose them because they look really realistic and they are interesting. J.W. (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amber



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3/4 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today we finished our selfies. Then we moved onto what do I use my brain to do. We’re drawing things that you need your brain to do. I have thought of reading, motorbike riding and that’s all I’ve done so far. We are trying to earn green points not red points. We get green points by being good. Alby (Reporter)


Today I brought a photo of myself and my little brother when he was born. I chose it because I thought it was an artwork. It’s a portrait and the frame has patterns on. I have learnt how to draw my eyes better this term. I drew an oval head to get a better shape. I used to draw circles. I learnt how to colour in the lines and not show any white. I’m really proud of when I learnt how to colour in the lines properly because I always used to have lines going out and it looks neat now. Josie (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amity



I chose an illuminati picture to share because I thought it was good and would have taken a long time to create. It was very detailed. We thought about other symbols that we can recognise easily like McDonalds. I have improved how to draw my face in a self portrait. I got feedback from people on how to get my hair right. I think I make my hair look more realistic now. I also got feedback on how to draw my nose to make it look better. Jed (Focus Student)

We are working on posters about I use my brain to… I was working on the Imagisphere from little big planet. I’m working on colouring it so it will stand out. We are trying to make sure that when we colour we don’t leave bits of white. Ava (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly



Today we are finishing off our phones and our brain posters. The posters are about what our brains do. We have learnt a bit about how our brains work and how they help us to do nearly everything. We’re doing them for a competition so we are drawing and colouring it in carefully. I am happy with how mine looks. Solan (Reporter)


I was on task today and working quietly. I got helpful, specific and kind feedback when I was working on my selfie. This helped me to draw a better shape for my head and body. I am really proud of my work because I think I did a great job on the shapes and writing on my brain poster. Lilly (Focus Student)


Photographer – Naomi





Today I brought in an artwork I got when I was born. It’s of a seal at sunset. I like the painting because it has lots of detail and uses cool colours (The colour group). It’s got lots of different brush strokes and textures and there are birds in the background. In Art this term I have improved with drawing a whole person. I’m better at drawing sleeves and characters from different things. I practised to get better at drawing. I enjoyed being a focus student because I liked sharing my painting with a group of people.  Krystos (Focus Student)


Our Art session was good because no one was being silly and they were all being sensible. We are learning how to draw brains and draw them doing stuff. I use my brain to stay in the clouds. I also use it to do backflips in circus so I don’t hit my head on the floor. Rhyder (Reporter)


Photographer – Maddy



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I have learnt that we need to focus on our work and listen to the teacher to make our work look nice. The teacher can give us ideas to improve our work. I liked learning about self portraits in Art they were very fun. I learnt to listen to feedback to help improve my work. Wyatt said I should maybe do my arms curved and not corner ish so it doesn’t look like Minecraft people and I did. Ruby (Focus Student)


Today in Art we are working on a poster to put in a competition. It’s about our brains. Niya is drawing a picture of her riding her bike. Jakobi is drawing a picture of his brain. Sylvan is drawing a picture of his brain with ideas coming out of his brain.

Mackenzie ( Reporter)


Photographer – Lucas


Some of the things we have learnt about our brain are;

Brains don’t stop working until you die – Sylvan

Your brain weighs as much as 4 tubs of butter – Wyatt & Larni

Your brain is made up of fat and water – Tayla

A lot of neurons in your brain that connect – Stella

Our brain can light a lightbulb – Ella

It’s amazing how our neck can hold up our brains – Mackenzie

I’ve learnt that our brain can’t be any colour it’s grey – Niya



I learnt that your neurons send messages so that you learn and get better at things. The neurons mean we can do things. Our brain wouldn’t work well without them. Lily T


I learnt that you need to have a little bit of sugar and a little bit of veggies to make your brain focus. Aleara


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated and so your brain works well. Kade


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water for your brain and you need to focus and your brain will only work well if you eat healthy food. Toby


Your brain helps you to learn. Jye


I’ve learnt how to paint into the lines. It was tricky because you have to go slowly and paint neatly. I’m really proud of how I am colouring in the pictures I have drawn because they look really good. I have enjoyed being a focus student. Shontai (Focus Student)


Photographer – Lachie



We are making a poster about our brain. We are thinking about how we use our brain to do stuff. I learnt that your brain can make you run. It can make you ride your bike. When we keep practising things our brain stretches. On my poster I am drawing a brain and a picture of me doing stuff like riding a motorbike. Eli (Reporter)


I am still learning how to draw and cut out people. I improved my painting because I practised at Dad’s too. When I paint I try to take my time and paint really neatly. I think I got a little bit better at drawing faces. I got a bit of feedback to help me. I like being an Art Leader because we get to use the sharpener and do special things. Hudson (Focus Student)


Photographer – Nadia


I have been learning to colour in neatly. You have to move slowly and not fast with your pencil. I concentrate on my work and try and stay inside the lines. When we were changing classes everyone in our class were good listeners. I did a seahorse and it was the first time I coloured inside the lines. I used pencils to do it. I used lots of colours to make it look good. I did a good job on my self portrait outlining the ear and the hair. Emma (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing our brains and everyone is doing their own ideas. I am doing my scooter and my bike on my poster. Our posters are about creating the brain and things it helps us to do. A good poster is really neat, has detailed drawings and is bright and colourful. Cayden (Reporter)


Photographer – Madi



In Art we are doing lots of colouring to make colourful posters about our brain. We are learning to make our pictures about our brain. I use my brain to ride my motorbike. On our posters we need to use lots and lots and lots of colours. We have to colour it in neatly. We have to do lots of neat pictures. Hugh (Reporter)


In Art I have learnt to do neat painting. I practised drawing pictures until they got better. I packed up when I was finished. I had fun drawing. I’m really proud of how well I listen in Art. Chloe (Focus Student)


Photographer – Sarona

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5/6 Weekly Art Sessions


I talked to Thomas on noise levels he rated himself as 3 Formal Normal. He also gave himself a 3/5 for where he is up to with his selfie. He’s drawn himself but still has to do the background. Lately we have been working on our selfies. Jai was the focus student today and he shared some pixel art he had been working on. Making our selfies has been enjoyable and when we have all finished our selfies we are going to hang them up and see who can guess whose selfie is whose. Angus (Reporter)


I shared pixel art that I made in Minecraft. I made a boat and a car, they had 3 layers each, usually you only use one layer. It took me an 1 and a half hours to do the boat and half an hour to do the car. I got better at drawing my body when I was doing the selfie. I drew a picture of me standing by the Eiffel Tower. I did a detailed Eiffel Tower by looking up a picture to get ideas from. Jai DH (Focus Student)


Photographer – Ashley



Jess said the hardest thing was to draw the lips.

Koopa said the hardest to draw was the arms.

Jack was happy with how he drew his head, body and arms.

Flynn liked how he did his background by mixing different colours together.

Matthew was happy with how he did a waterfall and rocks in the background of his selfie.

Bailey (Reporter)


I have improved my drawings and art skills by practising. I’m proud of my proud of my portrait because I have put a lot of effort into it. The best part of it is how I personalised the outside of my phone. The hardest part to do was the face, especially the eyes and the lips. I did get better drawing them from my first draft. I chose a painting of a girl with a fan by Renoir. I liked it because it was detailed and I liked the colours. I also liked the way she was standing and looking. She looked happy. Cherysh (Focus Student)


Photographer – Matthew




I interviewed Sruthi today and she said that the lips and the eyes were the hardest part of drawing her selfie. Then she said that the easiest part of drawing the selfie was the bridge behind her. Her favourite part of drawing the selfie was getting the body shape and all the details right on her self.

By Lucy h (Reporter)


I’ve learnt that shading things differently can make things look realistic. I’ve tried to do this on my selfie. The hardest part of my selfie was probably the eyes and the lips because they are really fine and little and hard to draw. I’m really proud of the effort I’ve put in and how good it looks. Today I shared a charcoal drawing done by a friend of my Mums. I chose it because It had a lot of detail in it and how much effort she put into it when she was young. It was about a lioness who got hurt and a lady who came to try and help the lioness mend her paw. I liked being the focus student and when people asked me questions about the artwork and how much they loved it. Arianna ( Focus Student)


Photographer –  Crystal

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3/4 Art Sessions


Today I chose an artwork by Monet to share. I chose it because its very colourful and I liked the trees and the way they did the different colours on the leaves and road. The path has lots of colours blended. I have gotten better at drawing my bodies so they are not just stick figures. I am really happy with how I have learnt to give feedback to my friends. Summer ( Focus Student)


Summer was the focus student today. She showed us a painting on a calendar of a lake. It looked like a blob of paint up close but when you looked from a distance it got better and better. I thought it was ok. We are a bit oud today but we are still working. We are finishing our selfie photos. Darcy (Reporter)


Photographer  – Jude

 thumb_IMG_0572_1024 thumb_IMG_0573_1024 thumb_IMG_0574_1024 thumb_IMG_0575_1024 thumb_IMG_0577_1024


Today we started a competition artwork for “I use my brain to….” We have to colour in and make them look awesome. I’m drawing a picture of how my brain helps me to hit a cricket ball. We are drawing our pictures first then we’ll add colour. We are the only grade 3/4 doing this. Deakan (reporter)

Photographer – Chloe



I asked 3 people about what they liked in this art session. Hayley liked colouring in her selfie, Miah liked sketching her selfie and Josie liked different artworks. I have liked trying to draw what we look like. Ruby (Reporter)


Today I brought in my Lego AT-AT walker with all my Star Wars people. I chose this because I thought it would be an exciting artwork to show everyone. I think it’s art because it’s a sculpture and sculptures are Art. Seth gave me feedback to make my face not really round. I’m really happy with my selfie because my face is exactly the shape I wanted. I got some tips from Seth to help me draw my hair so it’s not flat. It looks really good. Odin (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are working on our phone pictures and moving on to our brain drawings. Sometimes we work really well in Art. We enjoy coming to Art because it is fun to learn new things. I have learnt how to sew and how to draw really good things. We are going to put our phones up for display and enter the brain drawings in a competition. Arie (Reporter)

Photographer – Eboni

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